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Resource Centre

The Resource Centre is a Foundation-Led initiative at The Ability Hub.  A defining quality of the Resource Centre is the small staff of Ambassadors who are all knowledgeable parents of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

Tip Sheets

​​​​​​The Resource Centre Tip Sheets have been created as a quick reference for common issues and topics of interest to individuals with ASD, their families and other professionals.  They provide general information on the topic, and some suggested resources to give you a starting point. 

Books and Publications

Learn more about ASD and other developmental disorders through various books and publications, available in person and online.

Video and Multimedia

Learn more about The Ability Hub and our patrons through video and multimedia.

Supported Community Living

We have learned from the experience of the homeless population that quality of life depends upon safe, secure housing.  Families and governments must have a long term, sustainable strategy that will answer the question, “what happens when the family is gone.” 

Resource Database

If you're looking to quickly find an Alberta-based organization or service providers working with ASD and other developmental disorders, this one-stop database is the place to start your search.

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