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By supporting The Ability Hub, you’re helping fund excellence in national research initiatives and support services while building a brighter future for those affected by Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASDs) from diagnosis through adulthood.

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Donations help The Ability Hub deliver valuable programs and resources that help individuals and their families in better understanding and living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. Learn more about making a donation …

Donate to the iPad Bursary Program

Thank you for your interest in the iPad Bursary Program.  Due to recent staffing changes, the program is being reviewed and donations are not currently being accepted.  We look forward to providing an update after April 15, 2017.  Stay tuned!

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The Ability Hub regularly participates in various projects and partnerships. Participants enrich this research by providing valuable information and perspective. Learn more about how you might consider getting involved …

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Volunteers help assists staff members in different programs achieve their goals and are an important part of the team.  If you are interested in becoming a volunteer Click to learn more.