Past Workshops

Past Workshops

Learning objectives:

Describe how and why anxiety arises in the Mind Describe how our usual ways of reacting to anxiety are not useful Describe  a simple Mindfulness process for responding to anxiety in helpful ways. Learn practical strategies for immediate use in responding rather than reacting to anxiety. Understanding the role of Medications in ASD and related diagnoses.

Presentation description

We are excited to be hosting representatives from a variety of organizations who provide recreation and leisure opportunities in the Calgary Community. All adolescents and adults with autism, their families and caregivers are invited to join us in a welcoming atmosphere to find out what programs and activities might be of interest to you, and connect with other families to share your knowledge of what’s available.

Discovering new social opportunities and new ways to get connected with your community.

This Workshop will be available both in-person and as a webinar.

Are you a parent or caregiver of a child, teen, or young adult with ASD?

Do you want to learn more about diagnosis disclosure, and about parental experiences surrounding whether or not to disclose a child’s diagnosis to that child? This workshop will share parental experiences surrounding what to do prior to sharing a diagnosis, how and when to share a diagnosis, the reasons for choosing to disclose, and outcomes post diagnosis disclosure. 

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is lifelong condition. Although not all adults with ASD require psychiatric input, some adults have concurrent mental illnesses requiring additional support. Comorbid mental health problems occur in up to 70% of those with ASD and can have a significant effect on their functioning. The workshop will focus on mental health problems in adults with ASD. Presentation of common mental health problems in adults with ASD will be discussed in detail.

The RDSP is a program for those that qualify for the Disability Tax Credit and are under the age of 60.  There is up to $70,000 in grants and $20,000 in bonds that can be collected until their 49th year.  Come get all your questions answered about the Disability Tax Credit and Registered Disability Saving Plan.

Are you a parent, caregiver or service provider of a child or teen with ASD?

Do you want to learn more about puberty and sexual development, healthy relationships, and personal boundaries? Sexuality is an important part of the overall wellness of all people. This workshop will give you practical tools and strategies to guide your child or teen through puberty and beyond and introduce resources to help build your comfort and skill in working with your child.

An Information Session For Parents or Guardians of Youth with Special Needs

Jack Dobbs from Mount Royal University leads this exciting new workshop about preparing for post-secondary education.

Wanting to review your transition plans?

Launch into Life! is offering a free evening booster session to families who have already completed our full workshop series. This is a great opportunity to review your Individualized Transition Plan for your child.