Resource Database Overview

Learn more about the resource database at The Ability Hub

Welcome to The Ability Hub Resource Database. This database is accessible to anyone, free of charge, and offers a fully searchable online listing of organizations and service providers, books, research, and links, geared towards individuals on the autism spectrum as well as individuals with disabilities. Many of the services found in this database are based in Alberta; however, as we continue to add new resources, we strive to make this database useful outside Alberta, as well as on a national (and even international) level.

The database is searchable by:

  1. Content Type: Organizations & Providers, Links, Books, and Research 
  2. Organization Focus: Autism Specific, General Disabilities, and General Public
  3. Age
  4. Area/Region
  5. Diagnosis: Autism Spectrum Disorders, Rett Syndrome, Developmental Disability, and Special Needs
  6. Topic: Health & Wellness, Education & Employment, Communication and Social Relationships, Legal and Financial Issues, and Independent Living Skills
  7. Sub-Topics: For example: Under the topic of Health & Wellness – Physical Health, Fitness, Leisure & Recreation, Dental Health, Sexual Health, Mental, Behavioral and Developmental Health, and Sleep. 

You can also just enter your search terms directly into the search bar to browse all relevant content based on the keywords you use. Including more information will help narrow your search selection. For more results it’s best to keep your search fairly broad.

We hope you find this database useful. Please contact us if you have any questions, comments or concerns.