Five Areas of Focus

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Life and Work Skills

We collaborate with diverse stakeholders to facilitate the development of programs and supports which are part of a continuum of life and work skills, employment readiness and transitions that assist adolescents and adults with ASD to live and work as independently as possible.

Lifespan Planning and Navigation

Through our Resource Centre at The Ability Hub, our experienced clinical professionals and parent ambassadors offer a wide-range of resources to support transition planning as well as navigation support across the lifespan for families, individuals and professionals who are touched by ASD.

Supported Community Living

We are a catalyst for the development of models and plans to enable adolescents (as they transition to adulthood) and adults with ASD to have an appropriate place to live with services that support them in living their highest quality of life.

Caregivers and Other Professionals

We facilitate opportunities for caregivers and other professionals to increase their knowledge and practical experience to support adolescents and adults with ASD.

Knowledge Mobilization

We share our learnings and knowledge related to the needs of adolescents and adults with ASD, family health, promising practices, and programs.  We strive to make connections between research/expertise and policy/practice in order to contribute to informed decision making, policy development and improved outcomes.