Learn more about The Ability Hub

The Ability Hub is a 17,000 square foot space located on the 3rd floor of the University of Calgary’s Child Development Centre, in Calgary, Alberta. As one of the first initiatives of The Sinneave Family Foundation (SFF or the Foundation), the Ability Hub is a centre of information and a welcoming space to facilitate the advancement of promising practices and innovative pilot programs and models geared toward increasing the independence of the growing population of adolescents, adults and families living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. 

The Ability Hub is home to both Foundation-Led initiatives as well as Partnership-Enabled initiatives that align with the Foundation’s strategic direction:

Foundation-Led Initiatives

The Sinneave Family Foundation directly connects with and consults key stakeholders, including individuals with ASD, their families, and the broader support system.  This informs ongoing strategy development and fosters iterative thinking, innovation, and knowledge mobilization in our efforts to enhance service and support to those living with autism.

Partnership-Enabled Initiatives

The Sinneave Family Foundation collaborates and partners with leading ASD organizations to catalyze the development, demonstration, evaluation and export of promising programs and practices to build community and systems capacity, and ultimately improve the field.

The Ability Hub was designed to address the needs of those with ASD-related sensitivities and includes architectural features that minimize distractions, such as sound-dampening panelling and floor tiles, quiet lighting, curved walls, and colour-coded signage to help individuals transition successfully.  The space serves as a model for service providers, schools and even families who are looking for best practices in creating positive, welcoming and practical environments for individuals living with ASD.  The facility is divided into classrooms, therapy rooms, multi-purpose rooms and a self-contained apartment which are all utilized by the various initiatives to enable their development.

One of the ways the Foundation collaborates with the community is to open our doors to autism-related demonstration programs, workshops, presentations, tours and meetings. If your organization wishes to learn more about accessing The Ability Hub venue, please contact us.  For general information, or to arrange a tour of The Ability Hub, please call: (403) 210-5000 (toll-free: 1-888-733-7976), or e-mail ambassador@theabilityhub.org 

Exported Initiatives

Exported Initiatives are activities and service models that have been enabled to varying degrees by the Foundation, and now continue in some form in the community. Exported initiatives contribute to and enhance the system of services and supports available to individuals and families.